Terrific Twos

Terrific Twos

While providing plenty of opportunity for independence, the Terrific Twos program promotes verbal, social and physical growth. This program continues to provide a multi-sensory curriculum and hands-on activities as well as creative problem solving. Our twos are introduced to small group learning activities.

Foster a Love for Learning During the Terrific Twos

Choose our Palm Beach Gardens, FL day care center for your two-year-old

A desire to learn can be planted at an early age. To help your children develop a life-long love of learning, enroll them in Fantastikids Academy, a day care center in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. We offer a curriculum that will keep your child engaged for the entire day.

Our goal is to offer opportunities for children to learn and prepare for the next stage of life. Your two-year-old will love our caring environment. The children also benefit from individualized attention from our patient, dedicated teachers. Call us now at 561-842-0071 to learn more about our program.

We’ll give your child room for independence

Two-year-old children are just learning to navigate the world on their own, so we give them plenty of opportunities to do so. At Fantastikids Academy, we offer:

  • A multi-sensory curriculum
  • Creative problem-solving opportunities
  • Small group learning activities

You’ll be amazed at how much your child will learn at our child care center in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Visit us today to learn why we’re a top day care center in the area.

Check out the Terrific Twos newest art board! Looks fantastic!!

The Terrific Twos created apple trees in celebration of the fall season last week!