Amazing Threes

Amazing Threes

The Amazing Threes program is designed to take our students to the next level of verbal, social and physical growth as well as cognitive development. We introduce the importance of learning & friendship and its relationship to family & community. Amazing Threes participate in independent learning, group learning, scientific discovery, mathematics. We cultivate their creativity through unique daily opportunities. This is the time to prepare our them for their incredible journey towards Pre-K.

Prepare Your Child for Pre-K in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Take advantage of our Amazing Threes program

At three years old, your child will be starting pre-K soon. Can you confidently say your child will be prepared? You can when you enroll your child at Fantastikids Academy. Our Palm Beach Garden, FL child care center offers programs for children during their Amazing Threes.

During our full day of learning, we’ll take your three-year-old to the next level of verbal, social and physical growth. Our activities are designed to aid in cognitive development. They also teach the importance of learning and friendship while focusing on family and the community. Contact us today to start preparing your child for pre-K.

Cultivating creativity at Fantastikids Academy

At Fantastikids Academy, we’ll provide your child with daily opportunities to enrich their creativity. Our curriculum for Amazing Threes also includes:

  • Independent learning
  • Group learning
  • Scientific discovery
  • Mathematics

Talk to us about your child’s needs today. We can’t wait to help your child improve their academic and social skills.

L is for leaves in the Amazing Threes room! What a fun way of creating art work and exploring various textures at the same time!

L is for ladybug! Fantastic work
Amazing Threes class!

K is for Koala in the Amazing Threes room! Fantastic! What other words start with the letter K?